Prom Promise Simulation

On March 24, 2017 Lake EMS took part in the Prom Promise at Tavares High School – along with Lake County Sheriff Office, Tavares Fire Department, Tavares Police Department, AirCare, Lake County Schools, a local funeral home and Lake County Traffic. The Prom Promise is a simulation drill that uses multiple resources to show students the consequence of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The simulation depicted a few high school students who drink prior to driving a vehicle. The students start to drive and crash into another vehicle causing multiple injuries and one death. The emergency crews extricate victims from the vehicles using the Hurst Tool and cutters (Jaws of Life). EMS and the fire department work together in patient care. They activate air support for a patient to be transported to a trauma center and another patient to be transported by ground to a local hospital. Next, the drunk driver is placed under arrest and the parents of the simulated dead students are notified by the sheriff office while the funeral home prepares the victim of the wreck for transport.

During the Prom Promise, the Tavares High school provided three students to be the victims of the crash and Lake EMS provided a High Fidelity Simulator. This allowed the emergency crews to talk to live victims and provide actual care to the simulator.

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Regional Medical Surge Exercise

Amer Kassas, Gary Rice and Clint Lowery prepare to deploy the surge tent under the watchful eye of Sarah Fahs.

On February 9, 2017 members of the Lake EMS Special Response Division, Florida Region 5 District and Florida Hospital Waterman personnel trained on deploying the Regional Medical Surge Cache. The training included inventory and inspection of the equipment. This equipment can be deployed within the District 5 Region during a large MCIS disaster.

Exterior of fully deployed surge tent. (L-R) Clint Lowery, Amer Kassas, Gary Rice, John Simpson, Glen Pope, Chuck Hylander, Pat Stephens, Cathy Denton, Jon Carey, Jeri Hendershot, Sarah Fahs.

The surge cache includes a large tent that can be deployed (from a 40 cubic foot, 530 lb. storage bag) in about six minutes using an air pump and provides 868 square feet of usable floor space with eight foot walls. A smaller connector tent sets up in similar fashion to provide an additional 454 square feet of space.

The surge cache also includes patient cots, portable air conditioning and heating, interior and exterior lights, tables and chairs. This equipment will be utilized by the Special Response Team during the April 2017 regional exercise.

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Trauma Simulation Drill at Leesburg Airport

Lake EMS, Leesburg Fire, Air Care, and Orlando Regional Medical Center held a simulation drill on February 28, 2017 that used multiple resources. The simulation took place at Leesburg International Airport at the Air Care Base. The units participating were Lake EMS 412, Leesburg Ladder 63, Air Care 2 and the ORMC Trauma Team.

The simulation depicted a patient who fell from a height of 20 feet. The crews activated a Trauma Alert and provided care until the patient was turned over to Air Care. Once Air Care assumed care they flew the patient to ORMC where the Trauma Team took over care. The entire simulation was transmitted via Telemedicine to the Trauma Center, and from the Trauma Center back to Air Care for treatment to be observed by all participants.

The objective of this simulation was to allow the Trauma Center team to see how our system works from the start of a call until we hand off care to the flight crew. In addition, it allowed fire and EMS crews to see what transpires once a patient arrives at the Trauma Center until the patient has been taken to CT scan and/or the operating room.