In early 2016, Lake EMS decided to initiate a Special Response Division within its Operations Department. The mission of this Specialized Division is to have the ability to provide early advanced life support care through a highly skilled rescue Paramedic, with the assistance of an equally specialized EMT, in any situation or circumstance within our 1,163 square mile response area in Lake County, Florida.

Today the Special Response Division has grown to encompass five unique areas with the ability to access, assess, and treat critically ill or injured patients that may be found in nearly any adverse circumstance. This division offers a team that specializes in:

  • Rescue Task Force
  • Segway Team
  • Bike Team
  • Water Rescue Team
  • Community Outreach

Lake EMS Rescue Paramedics and EMTs are highly trained, experienced, and dedicated employees who believe in the mission and the community that they serve.

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