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Property & Liability – Lake County – Effective 1 October 2012

Florida Automobile Liability Identification Card           

“What do I do if I’m in an automobile accident with a County vehicle?”

During a Property & Liability claim, it is important that the manager/supervisor and employee communicate with one another to ensure that all information is obtained concerning the claim.  The Human Resources Department is always available to answer questions or provide guidance concerning Property & Liability policies and procedures.

  1. Employee – All Lake County employees are required to immediately report to their Supervisor any incidents involving damage to Lake County property.  The employee must not admit liability or offer a settlement in situations when damage is made to citizen(s) property.
  2. Management/Supervisory- Supervisors will immediately complete the property damage reports for incidents involving damage to Lake County or citizens’ property.

Property & Liability Reports

Property & Liability reports can be obtained from the Lake County intranet, either through the “Forms” Quick Link or by going to the Human Resources Property & Liability webpage through the intranet or the internet.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all appropriate reports are immediately completed, collected, and submitted to Human Resources by either attaching the reports to an email or sending the hard copies through inter-office mail immediately following an incident.