Under the Rules of the Department of Health Chapter 64J-1, Florida Administrative Code Emergency Medical Services, the Bureau of EMS shall accept the affirmation of a licensed EMS provider’s medical director for approval of refresher training – provided the following requirements are met:

  • 30 hours of paramedic refresher training based on the 1998 U.S. DOT EMS-Paramedic NSC to include adult and pediatric education
  • A minimum of two hours in pediatric emergencies
  • CEU deadline is 1 December 2016. Read: Florida Recertification Requirements

Consequently, Lake EMS Operations Manual, No. 50-1, requires the following continuing education minimums:

  • Minimum of 4-hours: Airway Management/Respiratory Care
  • Minimum of 4-hours: Cardiology
  • Minimum of 4-hours: Medical
  • Minimum of 4-hours: Obstetrics and Pediatrics
  • Minimum of 6-hours: Trauma
  • Minimum of 6-hours: Operations
  • Minimum of 2-hours: Elective

Employees wishing to recertify under our Medical Director must complete these above minimum hours of U.S. DOT EMT and Paramedic NSC refresher training. Our Medical Director has subsequently approved the following eLearning programs for recertification – provided they do not make up more than 25% (8 CEUs):

Any associated fees are the responsibility of the employee. Any other on-line program will be considered after review by the Medical Director and the Quality Development Department Team.