Groveland, Florida Simulation Drill – 15 May 2017

On 15 May 2017 we held a simulation drill that used multiple resources. The simulation took place at Lake County Tow 24 Hours in Groveland, Florida. The following units took part in the simulation: Lake EMS 311, Groveland Engine 94, and Engine 95.

The simulation depicted a vehicle accident into a tree. The crews had to extricate the patients from the vehicle and provide appropriate treatment. Once Groveland Fire department removed the roof they were able to get the second patient simulator out of the vehicle. Patient care was provided and the crew was able to complete high risk low frequency treatments – such as needle chest decompression and tourniquet applications.

The objective of this simulation was to allow all responders to participate in Vehicle & Machinery Rescue and provide high quality trauma and medical care to our simulators. This simulation training ensures high quality care during real emergencies.