Lake EMS medical director, Dr. Paul Banerjee, and clinical training officer, Capt. Scott Temple, have been invited to present the agency’s cutting edge stroke protocols at the Stroke Business Summit in Chicago, Illinois June 7-8, 2012.

Dr. Banerjee explained, “The Lake EMS system has revolutionized the pre hospital care of severe acute stroke patients. Our highly trained paramedics and EMTs are able to diagnose and accurately triage acute stroke patients to the most appropriate facility for definitive care.”

Presenting at the Stroke Business Summit is a very prestigious opportunity and signifies that Lake EMS’ work in stroke care in the pre-hospital environment has been recognized nationally as a best practice. Lake EMS is the only emergency medical service invited to present a session at the national conference which will include speakers from renowned facilities such as Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute, Holy Cross Hospital, St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Banerjee and Capt. Temple will present an interactive session titled “Advance Prehospital Stroke Triage” focusing on stroke care in the pre-hospital setting. Lake EMS has created a stroke triage form that allows its crews to determine the most appropriate facility for their patients. Banerjee and Temple will explain how their program works in Lake County including the creation and training of their triage tool. They will also provide Lake EMS’ impressive stroke outcome results for the previous year and demonstrate how participants can implement the Lake EMS model in their areas and optimize stroke care.

More information on the Stroke Business Summit is available at InfoSource Events 312.224.9800.