Erica Braddock (left) honored by the Optimist Club of Leesburg

Erica Braddock, Lake EMS Telecommunicator I, was honored at the Respect for Emergency Services Recognition Dinner held on October 29, 2013 at the Golden Corral. Once a year, the Optimist Club of Leesburg honors Emergency Service personnel who have done an outstanding job in service to the community.

Erica Braddock was recognized for her role as a calm, cool and collected Telecommunicator throughout the Blue Rhino explosion response and aftermath. Her professionalism and grace under pressure were critical to the proper response to this emergency from both EMS and Fire Rescue and to the outcome of the event as a whole.

Erica was honored with a plaque from the Optimist Club of Leesburg and complimentary dinners for her husband Brian and supervisor Dustin Sheckler. Congratulations Erica on a well-deserved award!