Lake EMS, Leesburg Fire, Air Care, and Orlando Regional Medical Center held a simulation drill on February 28, 2017 that used multiple resources. The simulation took place at Leesburg International Airport at the Air Care Base. The units participating were Lake EMS 412, Leesburg Ladder 63, Air Care 2 and the ORMC Trauma Team.

The simulation depicted a patient who fell from a height of 20 feet. The crews activated a Trauma Alert and provided care until the patient was turned over to Air Care. Once Air Care assumed care they flew the patient to ORMC where the Trauma Team took over care. The entire simulation was transmitted via Telemedicine to the Trauma Center, and from the Trauma Center back to Air Care for treatment to be observed by all participants.

The objective of this simulation was to allow the Trauma Center team to see how our system works from the start of a call until we hand off care to the flight crew. In addition, it allowed fire and EMS crews to see what transpires once a patient arrives at the Trauma Center until the patient has been taken to CT scan and/or the operating room.